Why is security important?

With today's cyber criminals, we don't have a choice, here at Newsome's Tax & Accounting, we are committed to protecting you!


Your security is our priority!

      New Clients, Request Portal Access:  


  Step 1)  Portal Request Click on the link above or here:

  • All you need to do is to send us a message.   


 Step 2)  Look for am email from:  newsometax@cchifirm.us 
         (See the example to the right.)


 Step 2)  Create a USERNAME and PASSWORD: 

  • This will be your secure user name and password.  Remember it so you can use it to multiple times to send us secure information or retrieve secure documents form us.
  • Forgot Password:  If you forgot your password, it's simple, click on forgot password! 


            Current Client Portal Access:  

 Click on the link above or to the right to be taken to our secure portal.  Here you can  safely upload all tax documents.  


 What if you "Forgot Your Password"
     If you forgot your password, it's simple, click on forgot password once you are at the portal log in.

After you send us a portal request, you will recieve you an email that looks like the below:


Click on the below link to log in.

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