Countdown to Tax Filing Deadline

We Give You 2 Options Here!

Option 1) MOBILE APP - For Simple Returns!

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No worries, we make it simple by having you follow 4 easy steps!

How do I file my taxes using the Mobile App?

Step 1) Click on the Mobile Image
Step 2) 
Create an Account
Step 3) Answer a Few Questions
Step 4) Upload Your Tax Documents

Worry Free Zone!  

A "Certified Tax Professional" will do the rest for you!
We create, review, ask questions, & give you advice if necessary, all before any return is sent to make sure you are getting the
best refund available to you!


Option 2)  DESKTOP

(For More Complicated Returns)

No worries, we make it simple by having you follow 4 easy steps!

Submit your information & a "Certified Tax Pro" take it from there!

No worries, we make it simple by having you follow 4 easy steps!

Step 1) Create an Account!

  • By clicking on the CREATE ACCOUNT below, you can register and create your secure encrypted account. You will be sent an email with an activation link to complete the process.
  • If you have questions like who you can claim, review our Q&A at the top of the page for quick answers.


Step 2) Click on "Start Return"!

  • Once logged in, you will see "Start Return" next to the Home menu item at the this of this page. 
  • Click on "START RETURN" to begin the process:
  1. Click on "Click Here to Submit Tax Information".
  2. Click on "Click Here to Upload Tax Documents" 

Step 3) Personalized Review and Advice

  1. Your return will be processed by a professionally trained and certified preparer. You do not have to guess or do tax research to find out what your best options are. We do that for you along with asking additional questions that you may, or may not, have ever thought of.
  2. We are not just another online, “do it yourself”, website. We guide and advise, we ask follow up questions, review your return with you, and advise you on future options.

Step 4) Sign, Pay, Advance, E-File

Once you are satisfied with your return results, it will be time to complete the following:
  • Sign by E-Signature
  • Choose your payment options
  1. Credit Card
  2. Fee Deducted from Refund
  3. Mail in Payment (Note, this option delays your refund)
  • Choose a Refund or Refund Advance Option
  1. Refund Advance of 500, 1000, or 1500 by Direct Deposit
  2. Refund Advance of an Additional 1000, totaling 2500 by Direct Deposit
  3. No Advance, Direct Deposit Only
  4. No Advance, Mail Check
  • Once the above are completed, we will E-File your Return and you will get text or email tracking of your return status!


What’s Next?
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