Meet Our Officers

Patty Hoell, EA<div>CEO & Founder<div>
Patty Hoell, EA
CEO & Founder
(770) 529-8802, Ext 1010
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Patty A Hoell is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and the company founder with over 20 years of experience in tax & accounting.

She handles all of our business, partnership, and corporate returns along with advising our business clients on how to grow their business. With all of this experience, she has become very knowledgeable in "Tax Planning" & "Tax Resolution". She is also very driven with a belief that respect & credibility is the key to any business relationship along with knowing that continued education is the only way to be successful as such, she requires all employees, including herself, to undergo yearly training to stay up to date on the latest tax law changes.

Patricia Jennings, CFO & Alabama Notary<div>
Patricia Jennings, CFO & Alabama Notary
(334) 298-6553
Payroll Department, Ext 1020
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Pat has been an officer of Newsome’s Tax & Accounting since 2010 and is now our Chief Financial Officer. When it comes to money, there is no one you could trust more. Being on-time, dependable, and loyal is just part of her character. She is the essence of a true, hardworking, southern woman having had worked at the mill most of her life. She manages our Alabama office along with processing weekly payroll. She is also a school bus driver for Smith's Station, so your kids may know her quite well. Stop in and say hello in our Phenix City office. You too may already know her.

If you need a Notary, she is your lady. Available Monday thru Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM or, by appointment only, after 5:00 PM. Just call her cell for an appointment at (706) 464-0726.

Tawny Fernandez, CMO<div>
Tawny Fernandez, CMO
(888) 360-0484
Marketing & Payroll Department, Ext 1030
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Employed with Newsome’s Tax & Accounting since 2009, she has worked her way up to be the Chief Marketing Officer. She manages all of out marketing, runs the payroll department, along with our online services. She is one busy and talented lady.

Tawny also graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in German. She has a love of traveling and lived in Germany for 6 months while attending Paderborn Universität. No question, we are lucky to have her!

Jonathon Wall, COO<div>Certified Bookkeeper, QuickBooks Pro Advisor, & Ga Notary<div>
Jonathon Wall, COO
Certified Bookkeeper, QuickBooks Pro Advisor, & Ga Notary
(770) 529-8802
Accounting Department, Ext 1011
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Jon did not spend his life in the accounting filed however, knowing this was what he wanted to do, he attended Kennesaw State University and got his certification in Bookkeeping. With that knowledge, he continued to work hard, managed accounts, implemented accounting procedures, and was promoted to our Chief Operations Officer in 2022.

Employed with us since 2016, he takes great pride in a job well done. What more can you ask for than that? Jon is a southern gentleman with all of the charms and a father of two grown sons. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time on the lake or ocean. He truly knows how to work hard during the week, and relax on the weekends!

Meet Our Staff

Christie LaBarre, Head Tax Preparer<div>
Christie LaBarre, Head Tax Preparer
(334) 298-6553
Tax Prep Dept & Bookkeeping Services, Ext 1021
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Christie began working for us in 2020 as a Tax Preparer and in 2022, she was promoted to Head Tax Preparer. Smart, dedicated, dependable, and very loyal, we couldn't ask for a better asset with our company.

Christie, or as some of our staff call her, Cricket, has a great sense of humor yet, she is very determined to do the best job she can. Complicated tax problems are not an issue for her. She takes on the challenge and does the research to solve the problem. We value her because she is serious about taking care of her clients and doing a the best job she can. There are no wrong answers or guessing, it's' about being accurate for her clients.

Alison Sturla, Tax Preparer & QuickBooks Online Certified<div>
Alison Sturla, Tax Preparer & QuickBooks Online Certified
(334) 298-6553
Tax Prep Dept & Client Services, Ext 1022
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Alison is another lady we are lucky to have. She is an experienced tax preparer and she manages our client services department.

Making sure customer documents are uploaded to their portal and that they have access, along with addressing customer needs is just part of her job. When it comes to getting your taxes done, she is smart and goes the extra mile to get you the best refund possible and, she is no stranger to research when it comes to those complicated tax return issues. Smart, dependable, loyal, always pleasant and happy to help, what more could you ask for?

Karla Bowling, Bookkeeper<div>
Karla Bowling, Bookkeeper
(770) 529-8802
Accounting Department, Ext 1013
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Karla began working with us at the end of 2020 as a bookkeeper. Her focus is on getting accounts posted, reconciled, and read for review. She works in our Accounting Department and is the Assistant to our Chief of Operations Officer. Together, they handle our monthly client accounts which, at times, can include personally helping clients navigate their way through confusing accounting matters.

Karla is always pleasant and willing to help in any way she can. She is one of our year round employees and we are lucky to have her!

Brooke Dobinson, Tax Preparer<div>
Brooke Dobinson, Tax Preparer
(888) 360-0484
Online Tax Prep Department, Ext 1031
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Brooke worked for us as a Tax Preparer back in 2016. She did a great job then and is back to do it again. As a Certified Tax Preparer, this year she will be managing our Online Tax Prep Department along with working virtually for our new office in Florida.

She is very organized and professional which makes her the perfect person for this position. We have high hopes for Brooke, and this new position, and we hope she will be with us for many years to come.

Haley Madison, Payroll Clerk<div>
Haley Madison, Payroll Clerk
(888) 360-0484
Payroll Department, Ext 1030
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Haley started working with us this past summer as an assistant in the Payroll Department. She started out only doing small task but now she is actually processing payroll. This was a new position with our company and she is filling it perfectly. We couldn't be happier with Haley's performance and love how dependable and reliable she is.

Alycia Embry, Tax Preparer<div>
Alycia Embry, Tax Preparer
(334) 298-6553
Tax Prep Dept, Ext 1023
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Alycia is our newest employee. She has trained hard and gotten her Certification as a Tax Preparer. A very smart lady, she also recently graduated with her focus in Accounting and her intent on getting her CPA's license in the near future. How great would that be for us? We are getting her at the beginning of her career and hope she will be with us for many years to come.

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